Resin Pocket Hearts

Hello friends. Today I have a kind of fun project for you. I made these pocket hearts for you to carry with you where ever you go.
I am using Amazing Casting Resin that was given to me a few months back for a blog hop that I missed due to being sick. The Amazing Casting Resin is available at your Local Craft store or from Amazon.

Here is what I used for this project.
The mold is actually and Ice mold I got at Target.

Mix the Resin together as directions tell you.


Make sure to stir the entire time. The resin will not work if it is under mixed.


Pour the resin into the molds.


I let the resin set for 24 hours.
Pop the hearts out of the mold and rub with a very soft sandpaper of nail file to get any sharp edges off.


At this point I wrote on each heart with a tiny brush with paint.


You could do this with any shape of mold you want to.

I hope you enjoyed my post today. Have a wonderful day friends.

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