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Hello friends. So as some of you know I have had all sorts of trouble since my gallbladder surgery October 2015. It has been a struggle with food. I have not been able to eat a lot of foods that I ate before the surgery. I have heard many stories of people going back to eating the exact same way as they did in the past and some stories of people not eating anything. Well I fall into that category. I am no longer able to eat foods that are fried or the good greasy fatty foods and most of all meat. I have been trying different foods for the last 6 months only to become sick after eating. So after many errors I have decided to become a vegetarian. Not a vegan yet but vegetarian. I continue to eat eggs and cheese and well milk doesn’t seem to cut it either. So I will be changing to coconut or almond milk now. I have been eating lots of yummy salads with and without salad dressing. Grilled and roasted veggies as well as pasta and rice. I love baked potatoes and can’t wait till it is cold to start making some soups.

This page will be dedicated to recipes. reviews on vegetarian foods as well as other Life Style Changes. (The Title of the Page).  I also will have a couple of guest bloggers sharing recipes and reviews here as well. So stay tuned for much more to come.

Hope you come back to see what I am up to and don’t forget I will still be creating on my main crafty blog page. This will just be a bonus page. 🙂
Have a fabulous week my friends.


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