January 8, 2010

Good Morning. Yesterday I didn’t get to post well frankly because I didn’t move from under my snuggie. It stayed about 34 yesterday. Which you have to understand is cold for Texas. Or at least the part I am in. The wind was blowing about 20mph and it was just cold. So I found new blogs to follow and caught up on 90% of my DVR shows. And this weather thing. I woke up about 2 am and grabbed my phone to check the temp 19.. 19 degrees. Now isn’t much better it is 20 right now at 8 am. The high today is only going to be 34. And I am taking Princess to the city. Oh we made the plans before I saw the weather but at least it isn’t snowing or sleeting right?
I didn’t get to work on my new designs yesterday but I did manage to clean my table top off. Hubs made me a holder for my inks so I added it to my table. They are all within an arms reach now. Hopefully this weekend after turning my house back into a house and every spec of Christmas is gone I will have design time. That is what I am shooting for anyway.
Hope to post over the weekend but I know it will be a little crazy around here. So if I don’t talk to ya’ll until Monday have a Blessed weekend.
Until tomorrow…

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