January 6, 2010

Resolutions. Resolutions are made to be broken. Right? Well most yes. This early on? Not usually. But it is happening everywhere right now. Resolutions were made the month of December and most were broke January 1 before noon. And why do we apologize when we don’t mean it? Does it make us feel better in the moment? Do you think if you say I am sorry and keep doing it over and over that things will change? The answer is simple. NO! You make resolutions because that is something in your life you want to change. Something you want to make better in your life. If you can’t change for one simple day then the problem is much deeper.
This year I made no resolutions but yet I am trying to set goals. I am going to set 10 personal goals and see at the end of the year if I was able to accomplish any of them. This year will come and go regardless if I keep my resolution or my goals. I want to make the most of the new decade. It is time for a fresh start. A few of my friends are picking one word for the year. One word that you will try to live up to the whole 365 days. It has taken me 6 days and I have my word. ACHIEVE!! I have so much to ACHIEVE this year. And I will.
Tomorrow I am going to begin some card making and I will post them as usual here. I have some birthday cards to make and I might even start some Valentine designs. Want to be ready ahead of time.
Until tomorrow………

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