Dec 16

9 more days till Christmas. I can’t believe I have only a couple things bought. Oh yes I can!  I wait till the last minute every year hoping to find that one last dollar. This year I have been working on a few gifts. We don’t have a lot of people to give to but it is enough. I showed ya’ll the tiles I have been working on. Came up with these cute ones yesterday.
But things don’t always seem to be going right these days. We went to 3 different locations to take family picutres this last weekend and only a few turned out. There were 4 adults who could not get together on pictures. Hair in the eyes here, eyes closed here, looking a different direction here. But yet we come home and get by the tree with the dogs and everyone looks right at the camera excpet the dogs. And let me tell you it is very hard to get a blind dog to look at the camera on cue. I love my fur baby though. Real quick for those who want to know she is doing good. She has had a few episodes this week so we maybe changing her insulin levels again. But for now she is doing ok.
I finally decided on my cards. That has been a chore. I have been making cards all month long and of course saved mine till the end. Came up with one design and after putting it together decided against it. Then found a real cute bling design, nope didn’t do anything for me. So I went with Gingerbread. I know I know Blah. But they are turning out cute. I am detemined to get them finished today and in the mail. I also have another set of tiles I want to do. I am going to use the SU set City of David. I am sure they will come out fine. My mom has been bugging me to make them so I will try. I will post them tomorrow.
Tonight for dinner I am going to try something new. Yes I am the only person left on the planet that has never made homemade chicken noodle soup. I am also going to try those chocolate cups with the candy cane kiss in the middle. Well I say I am, guess that depends on how long the soup takes and how much longer it will take to finish these cards. (and this blog)
If the soup turns out I will share my recipe tomorrow.
Well bloggers I am going to leave you with a picture as promised the other day of Fred and Ethel. They are still not very vocal. The vocal one is Ricky. Everyone morning on the porch crowing for food.
The first Picture is Ethel with one of her baby Chewy. The Second is of Fred. And I was able to get a pretty close picture of Ricky. He won’t run off he just wants the food. They are all pretty trained. The babies will run off but make their way back to the food pretty quickly.
Okay Remember I am living in a small town. I don’t get out much. I need action in my life and well don’t make fun of me… And one more thing before I go. I am making Chicken Noodle Soup for dinner. None of these chickens will be in that soup. I get my chicken from the grocery store. ha ha
Happy Day Ya’ll……
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