Good afternoon. Today I have been working on these tiles. Once I get going I keep coming up with more. Here is a sneak peak:

These are so much fun and all so addicting. I even made a couple non Christmas ones:
All Stamps are Stampin UP. I uses Stazon Ink and Sharpies to color in. So much fun.
Haven’t really had a lot of cooking time. Well nothing fancy anyway. Been to busy making tiles, cards and jewelry. In fact tonights meal is probably going to be BLT’s. Not to mention it is already 35 degrees I have a headache and I don’t feel like messing up the dishes ha ha. I should have made Chicken soup today. Which reminds me. Today I want to introduce you to Lucy and Ricky.
Meet Lucy and Ricky. I have them so trained that Ricky will come up on the porch and crow to let me know he is there for food. Tomorrow I will introduce you to Fred and Ethel. Until tomorrow….
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