December 8

Good afternoon blogging friends. I have been going wild today. I had to finish my Christmas cards, birthday cards, make cookies and a green bean casserole for bunco tonight and make some more Christmas presents. Lets see.. I made the birthday cards, made the cookies and the green bean casserole Christmas cards I am saving for tomorrow. I have been working on these tiles I started last night. I have stamped so many of them. And they are so addicting. I will post pictures in the morning. I just sprayed the sealer on them and I want them to dry before I take the pictures.
Other than that the princess was off today. One more final tomorrow and she is done until like the middle of January. So today while I was working she joined me in the studio not to create but to watch the Bad Girls marathon on A&E. WOW I was wanting to beat some girls.. GeeWhiz what a show…
Until tomorrow ladies and gents.

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