December 6

Went into the city today to buy groceries. What a chore it is. I use to like going to the store but I was thinking how cool it would be to be able to order everything online and it delivered by the man in brown. But then that wouldn’t be fun. You make a list you check it twice and three times and then BAMM you forget one of the main ingredients of something you planned to make for the week.  One good thing about shopping today was having hubs go with me. Although he always rushes me and goes ahead with my list. Which is probably one of the reasons I forget things.
Our cold cold air seems to be gone for today anyway. It is 50 degrees right now. And last night we were freezing our butts off watching floats head down main street. I am wondering if this year will be the year we have a white Christmas??? Yeah your right it is Texas and it just won’t happen.

Tonights dinner was oh so yummy. I made my great great grandma’s spaghetti and meatballs. Sorry I can’t share the recipe. However I can tell you that what took me over 6 hours to prepare was enjoyed by the family in about 25 minutes. But there is plenty left over for tomorrow.

The week will be kind of busy. I need to make some Christmas gifts which I will post and FINISH these Christmas cards. I have to get them out this week. Plus there is Bunco night and well I am sure I will manage to get into more things this week. I am working on learning Photoshop. I am hoping to get some clear pictures this week so I can introduce you to my little feathery friends: Lucy, Ricky, Fred, Ethel, and the kids. They are adorable. And I will be able to post pictures here soon.

Well my blogging friends. Desperate Housewives is over and it is time for me to get ready for tomorrow. One side not before I leave ya’ll….. I don’t like the way DH ended tonight. UCK….

Till tomorrow Ya’ll…

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