I am combining blogs. I want to feature more than just scrapbooking and what better way then to start from scartch. I will be sharing photos, stories, recipes and reviews as well as scrapbooking pages and cards. I have been working on my jewelry and hope to post pictures this weekend.

To start this blog I will just give you a little glimpse of what went on today. After pouring a cup of coffee, a large cup of coffee I put the biscuts in the oven to bake and headed to my little studio. The weatherman on TV has said for the last 3 or so days that we will be getting snow today. When has a weatherman ever been right in this case. At this point there was no snow. On my way to the studio I peaked in on the princess sleeping. She is off of school on Fridays. Yep just as I thought all snug as a bug in that big blanket. So I tiped toed to the studio and opened the blinds. Still no snow. I turned the Christmas music on low and started working on these darn cards again. I think I finally figured out what I wanted to do this year. Only taken me 2 weeks and lots of samples. About an hour into the card making and no I didn’t forget the biscuts.. princess woke up. This just means my Christmas music can only go louder now. LOL… I looked up out the window and there is was SNOW. White fluffy stuff falling from the sky. It was beautimus.. We got dressed and ran outside like 2 little kids to find it was really coming down. But before we could even get pictures of each other something happen. Something all kids feared today. Yep the sun came out. It was out and the snow was falling. I guess it fell for about two hours or so and then as fast as it came in it was gone. Now we are expecting a hard freeze tonight. Tonight for dinner I am making Broccoli Cheese Soup. Sounds so yummy. I just can’t find where I wrote the recipe. I will share it when I do locate it. Until then have a wonderful afternoon ya’ll..

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